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1 Jul 2017

DIY Conference Table

I made this conference room table out of 2x6s, angle irons and folding metal sawhorses for a really cool startup called Yoshirt. Download the YoShirt App here: ...

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7 Jul 2017

HomeMade Modern, EP 24 -- DIY The Fold Up Office

Follow us on Instagram to see what we're working on next! Ben: Jessie:

5 Jul 2017

5 EASY DIY Desk Decor & Organization IKEA Hacks | ANN LE

Thumbs UP for a Desk Decor DIY!!! Are you looking for graphics to DIY your mousepad? Go to for a free seven day trial!

7 Jul 2017

How to Reupholster an Office Chair

See the full written instructions at the OFS Maker's Mill: Giving your office chair a ...

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14 Jul 2017

Charmed HQ Office Tour + Tips for Working Productively at Home!

THUMBS UP FOR MORE OFFICE INSPIRED VIDEOS AND TUTORIALS! Links mentioned in the video:: Kate Spade Nesting Boxes: My ...

27 Jun 2017

IKEA Volmar Office Chair - Like a rock, an expensive but comfortable rock

The IKEA Volmar Office Chair doesn't get as much attention as the super popular IKEA Markus but I think it deserves just as much consideration. And for me, the ...

25 Jun 2017

DIY Standing Desk

This DIY Standing Desk is made from 2x12s and plumbers pipe. The height of the desk can be adjusted by switching out different sections of pipe. All of the ...

25 Jul 2017

Office chair RS – the original Porsche 911 sports seat.

Built to the same specifications and upholstered with the same premium black leather as the sport seat found in various 911 models, the office chair RS provides ...

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10 Jul 2017

How to Be Eco-Friendly When You're Busy | Green Living

You already love Spotify, but do you know how to get the most out of it? Click here to learn all the Spotify Tips and Tricks you never knew existed.

10 Jul 2017

How a Herman Miller Aeron Chair is made - BrandmadeTV

How a Herman Miller Aeron Chair is made - BrandmadeTV Is it art or an office chair? The Aeron office chair by Herman Miller is the King of the cubicle.

14 Jul 2017

DIY Desk + Home Office Decor Ideas

DIY Desk and Home Office Decor Ideas! Hey guys, I'm currently working on the blog posts for each of these projects, should be all posted in the next couple days ...